About US

Since many years ago, In a small town somewhere a small leather factory was getting orders for raw leather from different re-known companies for their different products. Being famous for raw leather was not just enough for them, so they generated an idea to provide consumers around the globe with the finest leather products no one can provide. in 2018, a Wolf cub was born named Jacgerie. A brand which can guarantee the best leather in market, comparing the price with any outlet or brand in the world because the raw material is being produced by the team themselves since 1960’s. The team didn’t believe in the middlemen monopoly and didn’t like the way the fashion industry functioned and getting huge profits from the consumers. We built a team to provide the best solution for top-notch yet cost friendly products.


To provide the widest possible range of products with the finest quality, authentic outwear with affordable prices under one umbrella. For our ready-to-wear collection, we continued with our same old belief that it starts with the product and ends with the product, everything else is followed. With our design community contributing to ready to wear collection, we aim to provide the most fashionable and latest collection in the fashion industry.Because of are niche is Men's & women's fashion.

Products and services:

Being from a small town the team believe is unmatchable that customer satisfaction is the ultimate goal. Providing consumers around the globe with products range such as  Men’s Leather Jackets , Men’s leather bomber jackets , Men’s Leather biker jackets , Men’s Leather Motorcycle Jackets , Men’s Leather Distressed jackets , Men’s Leather vests , Men’s Leather Fur Jackets , Men’s Leather trench coats , Men’s Leather winter jackets , Men's leather wallets, Men's jeans, Men's pants, Men's shirt, Men's t-shirt, Men's hoodies and sweatshirts, Men's belts,  Women’s Leather Jackets , Women’s Leather trench Coats , Women’s Leather Bomber Jackets , Women’s Leather Dress , Women’s Leather Biker Jackets, Women’s Leather Motorcycle Jackets Jackets ,   Women’s Leather Fur Jackets , Women's Shirts, Women's T-shirts, Women's Hoodies & Sweatshirts, Ladies pants, Ladies Jeans, Ladies Belts, Wallets & purses,  Movie Jackets , Celebrity/Star jackets and try to reach in all Fashion categories.